A sequel to the Percy Jackson and The Olympians series.

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Heroes of Olympus. Book 1: The Lost Hero. Book 2. The Son of Neptune. 
Book 1 came out last year and book 2 is coming out in October.  
Percy goes missing for three days and everyone gets worried, Annabeth goes to find him but comes unsuccessful. This is when three kids come called: Jason son of Zeus and full sister of Thalia, Leo son of Heaphestus and Piper daughter of Aphrodite come in as the main characters of the 5 book series. There is one problem, there are two Camp Half Bloods one for Greek demigods and one for Roman demigods, which our three new heroes belong too and both camps don't know the other exists. The gods have some explaining to do with this one. Annabeth joins in with the new gang to save Percy who has amnesia and he olny thing he remebers is, Annabeth. Annabeth works with the gang to form a team of 7 demigods that must save the universe from evil which is apperently the reserruction of Gaea. If they don't fufill the prophecy, not only is Percy done for but so is the rest of the universe. All is explained that Jason and Percys memories had been tampored with and they must work together to find out what the heck is going on.  
Book 2 
Percy must find his father Neptune (the new series revolves around Roman mythology) and works with two Roman demigods, Helen and Frank, that help him find out why he has forgotten who he is.
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i know and the new books coming out this year, whooooooooooo

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i gonna read it, and i have already read the other one

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I have started on Percy Jackson, after Son of Neptune I have to say it's a nice read, with Harry Potter gone and all Percy Jackson just fills in the emptyness. Some say it's a copy of Harry Potter, which it is but it's mixed with Greek mythology, but at the same time its the only reason I read it

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PS, you made the first thread in the Percy Jackson forum

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