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Percival was one of the fabled Leprechauns of Ireland visited by Ganthet and Hal Jordan.  Even the ancient Leprechauns were unaware that their ancestors were once Maltusians that had left Maltus to colonize other worlds such as Earth.  When Ganthet offered the Leprechauns a chance to reclaim their birthright as Guardians of the Universe, they all expressed disinterest.  Much to Ganthet's dismay, only the elder Percival accepted the offer.  Ganthet equipped Percival with Oan devices designed to help him better access and manage his powers while tutoring him in their proper use and a power ring until he could harness the The Glow on his own.  Within a week of training, Percival grew younger and much stronger.  Together the three traveled through space intent on stopping the renegade Guardian, Dawlakispokpok, and his family from using a time viewer to rewrite history.  Dawlakispokpok intended on going back and killing Krona before the renegade Maltusian could unleash the anti-matter universe.  What he failed to realize was that his plan would only speed up the destruction of the universe; necessitating that Ganthet and his allies stop him.

Although still a novice, Percival had tremendous willpower and fighting spirit.  He engaged his enemies in combat riding atop an emerald steed clad in a constructed suit of armor.  When Dawlakispokpok's son (Doranchatok) blasted through Percival's constructs, the diminutive Lantern constructed an enormous Viking warship.  Again, he engaged Doranchatok in battle, and again the Guardian's son destroyed his enemy’s defenses.  Using the younger man’s arrogance against him, Percival then constructed a massive battlement and rained attacks down upon his enemy like a castle of old.  Doranchatok was not impressed and sped headlong into the castle intent on disbursing it as he had Percival’s other constructs.  Doranchatok was unprepared for Percival’s cunning. The Lantern had positioned his battlement in front of Dawlakispokpok's time viewer and made it intangible.  Doranchatok sped right through the battlement, too fast to prevent himself from crashing headlong into the time viewer. With Dawlakispokpok's machine destroyed, the anti-matter scarit’s destruction that had left the universe swallowed up the renegade Guardian.

Percival returned to Oa with Ganthet.  He would later be placed in charge of caring for the New Guardians.

Sometime after the fall of the Green Lantern Corps at the hands of a Parallax-possessed Hal Jordan, Percival was captured by an interstellar slave ring dealing in powerless Green Lanterns.  For some unexplained reason, the Green Lanterns did not use any of their native powers or abilities.  Whether or not Percival had any powers remaining from Ganthet's instruction has not been revealed.  He was among the scores of Green Lanterns freed from captivity by Guy Gardner.

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