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The Shield in "The Case of the Kid Lookout" – When a rambunctious teen gets entangled with a deadly mob, even ultra-heroes like Shield and Dusty may not be prepared for the fireworks! The youngster is left in the custody of Joe Higgins, but is still unable to shake the criminal connections from his past! Will Shield be able to save both the boy and his mother? The Hangman in "The Origin of the Hangman" – An all-new crime fighter rises from the ashes of The Comet! Bob Dickering discovers his brother’s heroic persona, and is soon witness to his death! Vowing to avenge his kin, The Hangman begins a life of striking fear into the hearts of villains - and arranging their trips to the gallows!

D.r. Robert Dickering was saved by The Devil during the American Civil War on the 25th April 1864, in Cleveland county and was introduced as the superhero hangman after his brother John Dickering the comet was slain by

"Big Boy" Malone`s henchmen.

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