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Green Lantern
Status: Active
Space Sector: 3333

Sector Partner: Steppe (deceased)
Homeworld: Unknown

Predecessor: Unknown
Successor: Inapplicable


Penn Maricc was once a mercenary who was hired by a group of small men in red robes, secretly the Guardians of the Universe.  His mission would be to rescue a young boy on Caprial 7, the site of a Jihad.  Maricc stated he did not involve himself with religious wars, and turned down the offer.  The Guardians had known things about Penn Maricc's life, including the fact he was an orphan.  With this they emotionally manipulated him into taking the mission.  

On Caprial 7, the prince was believed to have been killed.  Maricc scuttled his starship, crashing to the planet below while he landed safely in an escape pod.  Maricc was soon captured and thrown into a prison cell with Prince Tayla.  The two set a fire as a diversion and managed to escape.  Maricc fought the guards and the leader of the Jihad, the people soon learned their true ruler was indeed alive.  Prince Tayla was soon reestablished as the rightful monarch.  

As his reward, the Guardians gave Penn Maricc a power ring and power battery.  They had sent him on the mission not only to free Prince Tayla, but also to test his resourcefulness.  They were surprised when he turned down their offer to join the Green Lantern Corps.  Maricc was angered that the Guardians had lied about who they were and the reason they hired him.  With that they sent him back to his cantina.  The Guardians believed they would call on him again someday.

Some time later, Penn Marric did join the Corps as the account of his first meeting with the Guardians was recounted by Sinestro while imprisoned in an Oan Sciencell.  As for Marricc, with a tendency to tell hyperbolic tall tales about his life as he swills the finest ale, the mercenary Penn Maricc is a Green Lantern who punches first and scans for answers later.  Some time ago, Penn made a lifelong enemy of Guy Gardner.  Several people have asked what caused the rift between them, but only they know the truth.

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