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Learn how young Oswald Cobblepot went from being the apple of his mother’s eye to the leader of underworld gangs and adversary of The Caped Crusader! Collecting the 5-issue miniseries from GREGG HURWITZ and SZYMON KUDRANSKI, plus: JOKER’S ASYLUM: THE PENGUIN #1.

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How did young Oswald Cobblepot go from being the apple of his mother's eye to the leader of underworld gangs and adversary of The Dark Knight? This examination into the Penguin's past is fraught with dark family secrets and heartbreaking moments that go a long way toward explaining the avian rogue's criminal tendencies.

Now, the Penguin runs a vast crime empire that's always one step away from faltering, thanks to the interference of Batman. But, the embittered villain finds surprising solace in a new lady love. Can it possibly last, or will the Penguin face new valleys of humiliation? How can he keep the Dark Knight at bay, battle his childhood demons and maintain the power and image that's become so important to him? As he struggles with these questions, a nefarious revenge plot of his devising lurks in the back of his mind...

In PENGUIN PAIN AND PREJUDICE, collecting issues 1-5, critically acclaimed writer GREGG HURWITZ (BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT) joins forces with artist SZYMON KUDRANSKI (DETECTIVE COMICS) for a riveting tale that explores the psyche of one of Gotham's most peculiar villains. This volume also includes a BATMAN JOKER'S ASYLUM Penguin story by Jason Aaron and Jason Pearson.

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