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Peg-Leg Friel was the head of a Human Trafficking Ring. He was smuggling people into America by boat. When he thought he was going to caught by the police, he would have his crew chain up the smuggled people and toss them over board. The police found a corpse floating in the harbor and informed District Attorney Bill Perkins.

Unknowing to anyone, BillPerkins was the masked vigilante The Mouthpiece. In his Mouthpiece disguise he searches Peg Leg's docked boat. Peg Leg had his crew put the smuggled people inside the bodies of dead sharks. Mouthpiece finds the people and attempts to capture Peg Leg.

During the pursuit, Peg Leg kills a cop by throwing a knife into his heart. Peg Leg tries to swim away. Mouthpiece throws a shark harpoon at Peg Leg and hits him in the back. Peg Leg dies, sinking into the ocean. Appears in Police Comic #1. This was his only appearance.

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