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 PeeBri's Creator
The Peebos are smart bombs that were created with personal A.I.s by one of the Diggers sisters, Brianna Diggers. She has created many different varieties of Peebos, but PeeBris is one in a special trio. All three are modeled after the three Diggers sisters, Gina, Brittany, and Brianna. The two antenna that protrude from PeeBri's frame mimic Brianna's hair. She uses them to grab and manipulate objects.

Similar to her real life model, PeeBri shares a love for weapons and using them. 

PeeBri is the modeled after Brianna in many ways, but PeeBri does tend to go to extremes and can be rather 'rambunctious'. Sometimes rude and inconsiderate.  Part of her personality flaws are sometimes attributed to an event that occurred soon after her activation and during her outdoor orientation. A bird with rather uncanny aim "dropped the bomb" and caused some psychological scars.


 PeeBri discovers games.
PeeBri tends to get herself into or be the cause of trouble. She's greatly inspired by playing video games. She will also go to extreme extents to try and get new games to play. She even went so far to earn money for video games that she offered her services up as a mercenary. Brianna put an end to that before it could begin.
A few of the games PeeBri has been shown to enjoy are:
Super Mario Bros.
RPGs (only for the slashing)
Tomb Maker 4 (Tomb Raider inspired)
Lord of the Rings
Peebo of War (God of War)
Dynasty Peebos 10 (Dynasty Warriors)
Grand Theft Peebo 4 (Grand Theft Auto 4)

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