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"Peculia and the Groon Grove Vampires" is a stand alone Graphic Novel featuring an 80-page story involving the main character Peculia. It is the only Graphic Novel in its volume. This Graphic Novel is sometimes referred to as "Evil Eye #13" but was never officially titled as such, does not have any sub-headings either inside nor out with that designation, is not a collection nor a continuation of previous stories, and was not included in that volume.

This Graphic Novel involves the adventures of Peculia, a young lady who inherits an older mansion from her deceased parents. The mansion is located at the top of a remote hill outside the non-descript town where she lives, and she has a diminutive butler who assists her with her daily routines, although it becomes apparent she needs little to no help.

Peculia goes for a walk to get some items from the local store and during her walk, she encounters a group of young women who see her. They are trying to form a "babysitter's club" of sorts, and upon seeing Peculia, decide to befriend her so she can assist with their efforts. Peculia talks to the ladies and agrees. It is also during the walk home, early in the evening after the sun has gone down where she meets yet another female. This woman talks to Peculia about a babysitting job, having learned she'd joined the group. They talk but mysteriously, the woman avoids a hawthorne tree in their path.

She is soon invited to the woman's home, along with some of the other girls from the babysitter's club and mysterious things begin to happen.

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