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The demon Pazuzu apparently began existence as an angel, one of 14 who became Lucifer's chief lieutenants when he led a rebellion against Heaven. Cast down into demonhood with his cohorts following Lucifer's defeat, Pazuzu, whether through literal or metaphorical rebirth, joined the ranks of the Annunaki, gods worshiped by the Sumerians, Assyrians and other Middle Eastern cultures. In this capacity, he often appeared as a winged lion-eagled hybird, although he also manifested as a scaled humanoid with ram's horns and appendages resembling a scorpion's tail and a serpent. Worshiped as a god of wind, storm and pestilence, Puzuzu brought both good and evil to humanity as his responsibilities and whims dictated, his southwest winds sending Mesopotamia nourishing rains and deadly disease alike.

He can manipulate strong winds from normal blasts to hurricanes. He has limited magical powers including teleportation and summoning demonic creatures. He is superhumanly strong and can supernaturally control the weather from lightning to hailstorms to thunder.

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