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Brief History

Pavitr Prabhakar the Spider-Man of India

After receiving a half scholarship Pavitr Prabhakar moves to Mumbai with his Aunt Maya and Uncle Bhim to study. At his new school the other students tease him and beat him for his studious nature and simple background, only Meera Jain, a popular girl from his school, befriends him. One day while being chased by bullies, Pavitr Prabhakar encounters a yogi who grants him the powers of a spider in order to fight the evil that threatens the world. While discovering his powers, Pavitr comes across a woman being attacked by several men ,but refuses to help. After he leaves he hears his uncle cry out, returning he discovers that Bhim had been slain when he tried to help the woman. Pavitr swears to use his powers for the good of others.

Demon Ock

Sometime later Pavtir is attacked by a multi-armed demon, the Earth-50101 version of Doctor Octopus. Making his public debut as Spider-Man he is able to defeat Demon Ock, but is labeled a threat by the newspapers. However, in retaliation for this defeat Prabhakar's aunt kidnapped by Nalin Oberoi, a local crime lord and the one responsible for creating the demon.

Nalin Oberoi

Spider-Man arrives at the a refinery outside Mumbai and discovers Oberoi had also kidnapped Meera. When Pavtir confronts the crime lord he drops both Maya and Meera from the top of the refinery. Spider-Man dives for his aunt, saving her, but fails to rescue Meera. However, she is saved by Demon Ock, who had been betrayed by Oberoi and blasted him into the ocean with a ray. Reveals his identity to Meera, Pavtir asks her to take his aunt to safety. Oberoi banishes Demon Ock for good, and touches Spider-Man with the amulet, releasing Venom-like creature which tries to lure Spider-Man to the dark side. Remembers his uncle's saying about responsibility Patvir rejects the evil, shattering the link between the demons and Oberoi and reverting him back to normal. Spider-Man throws the amulet into the ocean, and Oberoi is sent to a mental institution. Pavitr Prabhakar begins a romance with Meera, and is shown celebrating the festival Diwali with his aunt.

Edge of the Spider-verse

Spider-Men of the Multiverse

Recently Pavitr was attacked by a being hunting down all the different Spider-Men. The Spider-Man of Earth-616 arrives and saves him, taking him back to 2099, revealing that had has already recruited several other Spider-Men

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