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Pavane was a mutant that lived in the same area as Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch, and he ended up developing a crush on Wanda. Pietro, being the overly protective brother that he was, shielded his sister and prevented Pavane from interacting with her (this was most likely because they were on their own after having to leave behind their surrogate parents). Desperate, Pavane used his mutant ability to fire bolts of lightning and sabotaged a boat ride the two siblings had, thinking that him saving Wanda would get him into Pietro's good graces. This didn't of course. With Quicksilver eventually taking off for America, Pavane turned his jealousy into full blown hatred and wanted revenge on the speedster.

He moved to the Transian part of the city, where he eventually settled down with a woman and they produced three offspring: Ampere, who inherited his father's power; Brawler, who developed super strength; and Wanda, who had two sets of eyes and remarkable eyesight. Pavane's wife eventually died due to the bigotry in the area, but no matter what, he was still bent on taking Pietro down. To ensure this, he taught all three of his children to hate Quicksilver. This is when the two paths crossed again.

Pietro, having recovered from a recent attack by Exodus, decided to take a brisk walk to get everything off of his mind, but he came across Ampere, who was being physically assaulted. Quicksilver grabbed Ampere and ran off with him, but Ampere coldly said that the second he leaves, they were just going to come back. He then ran off, while Quicksilver called for a taxi cab. The driver had a distinct resemblance to Pavane, but nevertheless, he dropped Quicksilver off at a spot to get a drink. It was then he came across Ampere again, only this time the boy used his lightning powers on his attackers, also blinding Pietro. Still barely able to see, he goes into the bar asking about the recent disturbance when the bartender notices that Pietro is also foreign. This leads to a brawl and the people in the bar go after him, but are chased off by the appearance of the "Circle of Pavane." Wanda lead Quicksilver to Pavane, where he explained his hatred for the speedster and thought that he came to America just to be successful and famous and didn't want any mutant from his past to bug him. Pietro looks at him dumbfounded, not realizing that Pietro himself was a mutant. He then proceeded to order his two sons to attack Pietro, leaving him incapacitated. Pavane and Ampere intended to destroy the building to leave no trace but their power was too much and the entire building began to fall apart. Brawler, realizing that there was little hope, had a change of heart and freed Quicksilver, who used his super speed to put out the fire. Unfortunately, part of the structure collapsed on top of Ampere, knocking him out cold and Pavane thought he was dead. As a gesture of kindness and true heroics, Pietro grabbed Ampere and vowed to take him to a hospital but could barely see. He asked Wanda to be his guide due to her sight abilities.

At the hospital, Pavane and his other two children stand around Ampere frantically, wondering if he will be okay, to which the doctors say they are unsure. They also add that Pavane owes a lot to the man who saved his son, and who he called his arch-enemy: Quicksilver. Pietro looked at Pavane and said the debt could easily be repaid. He then shared his own story of prejudice and added that Pavane taught his children hate, and that was unforgivable. With this, Pavane looked at Quicksilver with understanding and his hatred of the speedster vanished.


Pavane was created by Joey Cavalieri and Grant Miehm in 1994 and first appeared in The Avengers # 377.

Powers and Abilities

Pavane is a mutant with the ability to control and fire bolts of lightning from both of his hands. Not only does this damage, the light by it is blinding and could render a foe helpless.

It is unknown if he or his children remained powered post M-Day.

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