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Paulie Provenzano lived in Brooklyn and tried to join the mafia after he was discharged from the U.S. Army. The Mafia rudely rejected and attempted to kill him because of his mutant power of invulnerability. Paulie took out the goons and earned the attention of Jean Grey who recruited him into a new team of X-Men where Paulie adopted the codename Omerta.


Omerta was created by Scott Lobdell and Salvador Larroca and first appeared in The Uncanny X-Men #392.

Major Story Arcs

Eve of Destruction

The X-Men would fly to the island nation Genosha to try to stop Magneto and Omerta was very overconfident and apparently didn't realize how dangerous Magneto really was. Omerta stated that he was not scared of "some guy wearing a bucket on his head." This angered Magneto and Magneto attempted to manipulate Omerta using the iron in his blood but Magneto was unable to dos so because of Omerta's powers of invulnerability.

Although Magneto could not totally manipulate the iron in Omerta's body, he was still able to levitate him. Magneto levitated Omerta into space and coldly asked Northstar if he thought he was fast enough to save Omerta before he suffocated. Northstar flew as fast as he possibly could and was barely able to save Omerta. He took Omerta to a U.S. warship and gave him mouth to mouth, saving his life. Omerta disliked that Northstar had given him mouth to mouth but was still thankful of Jean-Paul for saving his life.

Weapon X

After the battle, Omerta declined to remain an X-man and left the mansion. He was later captured and killed in gas chambers in Neverland Camps.

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