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Paul Saveen was born in 1899, just before the 20th century began. Gifted with a brilliant mind, he was already wealthy from the patents on fabulous inventions when he moved to Millennium City in 1917 . But Paul craved power, so he set about to establish a criminal network that would become the most prominent in the United States. When he first met the science-hero Tom Strong, the two became instant enemies, battling many times throughout the course of several decades. There were constant reports of Saveen's death, and yet he always managed  to return, fresh and ready to do battle once more. His final death was in 1983 in a west African desert. 9 years later in 1992, his skeleton was discovered and confirmed through dental records. And yet he had one more trump to play, in Tom Strong # 6-7, he appears as a much older man in the early 21st century and attacks Tom emotionally by allying himself with the super-Nazi female Ingrid Weiss, by presenting Tom with his son through Ingrid, Albrecht Strong. But it was revealed that the real Paul had died in the desert all those years ago and so he hired another of Tom's villains to carry out this plan, the shape-shifting Denby Jilks, to pose as him.

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