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Brief History

How long can a man bottle up his anger before it explodes outward? The answer to this question is one proved a tough lesson to Paul Same. Paul grew up a pacifist, always containing his anger. The continued bottling of his anger eventually developed into a neurosis... narcolepsy. Every time Paul felt the least bit agitated, or even remotely excited, he would fall into a deep sleep. The poor guy even slept through his first kiss. The human mind being a fragile instrument, containment built beyond the release of narcolepsy.

Eventually, Paul's frustration exploded violently upon those who would inspire his wrath. Clad in a nightshirt, speaking in verse and sleepwalking, Paul adopted the identity of the Winky-Man to attack anyone that he saw as the source of society's ills. Fortunately, having a friend like Howard the Duck provides an ideal role-model for bluntly honest expression. Arguably, Howard is the poster child for speaking one's mind. Paul learned to speak his mind, curing his narcolepsies,  and has proven a continued friend and ally to Howard the Duck.

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