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Paul Revere and the Sons of Liberty were a group of retired military post-humans who fight in WW2. They were living in retirement homes because their advanced age. However they were abducted by Henry Bendix who used and manipuled them to take down the Authority, who had taken over the USA goverment. To reach this objetive Bendix rejuveneated them and increase their powers at least by twenty times.

The sons of liberty showed a lot of negative characteristics from their own time: racism (specially toward asians), homophobia and machism attitude. However they were very loyal towars each other and very idealistics, if not naive. Paul Revere, their leader, also take care than the manners of their men were the propper ones, specially in front of the ladies.

They died tragically during their last fight against the Authority in Washington D.C. as their powers started to malfunction, causing an atomic disaster. Because of this event, Midnighter left to the Authority, causing the dissolution of the team and forced them to step out of the control of the USA goverment. As was the plan of Bendix.


Paul Revere and the Sons of Liberty were based in Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters.

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