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Major Story Arcs

The Strange Talent of Luther Strode

In Issue#1 Paul is seen videoing Luther talking to Petra as he commentates over the video calling Luther a nerd etc. After this people are in gym class playing Dodgeball and Paul hits Pete in the face and tries to do the same to Luther however Luther stops the Dodgeball with one hand and throws it in Paul's face busting his nose. After this Pete and Luther are seen in the toilets when Paul and his gang come in, Paul starts a fight with Luther punching him in the stomach and Luther returns the favour by punching him the mouth making his spit blood and knocking out some of his teeth as Paul's friend & Pete look on with amazement. In Issue#2 as Pete and Luther are walking through the hallway Paul and his friends storm up them and start to shout, Paul goes to punch Pete but Luther stops him and ask him to leave them alone. Paul is next seen training at home and when he gets a nosebleed he looks to see blood all over the floor above him. He goes upstairs to find The Librarian standing next to the bodies of the crushed family. The Librarian asks Paul to take a seat however Paul makes a runs for it and The Librarian chases him down and this is the last time Paul is seen.

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