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Paul dreamed of discovering advanced alien civilizations which could offer lessons to humanity. He led several expeditions to space but failed to find anything close to what he dreamed. Several planets had animal life but nothing sentient. Others had sentient races but their cultural level was closer to the cavemen of ancient Earth. Paul never bothered to communicate with them, convinced that "ignorant savages" had nothing to teach them.  
The continued lack of success in finding an advanced civilization also discouraged the sponsors of the expeditions. Paul was given one last chance before the space exploration program was discontinued. He ended up finfing another "savage" race. They tried to communicate with him but Paul ignored them. He returned back tom Earth and entered a partnership with his brother Vince, selling used vehicles. What he didn't know was that the savage race did have something to teach them. They were the heirs of a great civilization destroyed by its greatest invention, the cobalt anti-matter bomb. Paul failed to warn humanity about similar dangers from their own advanced weaponry.

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