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Patty Melt
Height: 4'9"
Hair Color: Red
Eyes: Green

Patty Melt is a character created by Larry Welz and is, along with Lola and Ellie Dee, one of Cherry Poptart's closest friends. Patty is freckled and large-breasted, as well as cheerful and enthusiastic in each of her appearances. She is also insatiably promiscuous; never turning down sex for anyone and even surpassing Cherry in her eagerness for it.

Patty's Appearances

Patty's first appearance
Patty Melt's comic debut is in the story "Le's Party" in Cherry Poptart #2 where she attends a get-together at Cherry's house. There, she attempts to offer herself sexually to her male classmate, Biff, when she is quickly and rudely interrupted by Pepper Poptart, Cherry's swinging single mother, who plans to put the make on the young man herself. Disappointed, Patty tells Cherry about what happened and the two then execute a plan where they swap Biff, already fornicating with Pepper, with another party-goer without the mother noticing. Patty and Cherry then strip off all of their clothing and partake in a three-some with Biff.

Patty in Cherry Poptart #3
Patty returns in the Cherry Poptart #3 story "Saturday the 8th: Part 5 - The Final Beginning", a parody of the "Friday the 13th" series of movies, where Cherry and Biff are attacked by a Jason Voorhees-esque killer while they are fornicating in the woods. After learning this, Patty, along with several of her male friends, arm themselves with guns and go after the maniac.

Patty's third appearance is in the story "Beach Party" from Cherry #6. While Cherry is busy surfing the waves, Patty decides to have a naked hottub party, and encourages Lola and all of the guys to join her. The males all oblige and offer her alcohol and cocaine. Afterward, Patty gets out of the tub and spreads herself out on a beach towel; requesting that the guys all line up and have their way with her sexually.

Patty - "Bimbos from Hell"
From the same issue, Patty shows up again in the story "Bimbos From Hell". After a nerd takes Dio, Ozzy Ozbourne, Richie Blackmore and the Mr. Ed song and plays them backwards on his computer, he summons Patty, Cherry, Lola and Ellie Dee, each decked out in rocker girl clothes. Cherry proclaims that he's summoned the band "Bimbos from Hell" and introduces each member. She states that Patty plays the drums when she's not busy fornicating or performing oral sex and that "she'll do it anytime anywhere with anyone," to which Patty replies "it's true, tee hee!" Cherry then offers to grant the nerd any wish he desires, who then chooses to become the chief executive officer  of Megatron. Transported inside the main office of Megatron, Patty immediately appears beneath his desk and requests to perform fellatio on him. She gets her wish once the nerd realizes the stress and hassles of being the head of a company and is transported back home.
Patty - "Girl Talk"

Patty's next appearance is in the Cherry #7 story, "Girl Talk". After a handsome new science teacher, Mr. Nutley, comes to the school, Patty, Cherry and Lola head to the ladies room to discuss how they would like to spend their time with him. Patty states that she would stay after class one day, wearing a low cut top, to ask the teacher to help him with some problems, at which point he would be unable to control his hormones and sexually have his way with her. The female trio are then disappointed to discover that during the time that they
Patty as "Gloria"
spent discussing their fantasies, their friend Ellie Dee had been making hers a reality with the teacher.

Patty shows up again in the "Gilligan's Island" parody story "Hooligan's Island", from the same issue, where she plays Gloria, the mistress of the millionaire Winston Princeton III. Here, she participates in a strip show with "Cherry-Ann" and Lola (the movie star) which quickly turns into an orgy with the entire cast.
Patty - Cherry #12

"Slut du Jour" of Cherry #12 is Patty's next major appearance and marks the first time that she is the central character in a story. Looking for something to do one afternoon, Patty phones up her buddy, Dick, and asks him if he wants to bring his friend Jack over to her place for a little fun. A bit leery that they might not be enough, she then decides to call  a few other guys just in case. She eagerly greets them all at the door and initiates a large, and crowded, group sex session.

Corp'ral Patty
From the same issue, Patty shows up in the story "Sgt. Cherry and her Squealing Commandos" where she, Cherry, Lola and Ellie Dee become soldiers during Operation Desert Storm. Corp'ral Patty's daily training involves her having group sex with all of the male soldiers until she and her friends receive an order from the president to station in Saudi Arabia. There, Patty passes the time by masturbating until the time comes to infiltrate the hideout of the evil Soddom Buttreim.

Patty returns in Cherry #13 in the story "Slumber Party from Hell" where she, Cherry, Lola and Ellie Dee use a ouji board in an attempt to contact the spirits of the dead. In doing so, they accidentally bring Elvis Presley back to life, but the meeting is short lived when the Ghostbusters show up and capture the apparition. Quickly after-wards, Patty notices a strange erect penis protruding from the center of the ouji board. Mistaking it for John Dillinger's, she touches the
Patty possessed
penis which transforms her into a hellish demon and compels her to masturbate with a crucifix. A priest immediately enters to exorcise Patty, but the possessed girl pounces on him to perform fellatio. The priest then engages in intercourse with her, but the orgasm sends him crashing through the wall. Next, a couple of religious televangelists stop by to try their attempt, but Patty breathes fire at them, forcing them to retreat in panic. Finally, the "Earth Mother" is summoned through the ouji board, who screams at all of the evil spirits inside patty to leave. The spirits fearfully comply, returning Patty back to normal. The Earth Mother then explains that to close the portal opened up by the ouji board, the five of them must form a naked circle and dance around it. As per Patties, suggestion, the females follow up by getting high and performing cunnilingus on each other. After creating enough energy, the Earth Mother manages to close the portal and then vanishes.

Patty's next outing is in the story "Cherry Meets the Renaissance Dude: Act I" in Cherry #16 where she makes a quick cameo working at the ale stand at the local renaissance faire.

Patty Melt's final appearance in the comic series is in Cherry #20 in a story titled "Smells Like Team Spirit".
Patty's last hurrah
After the school football team wins the game, Patty and her fellow cheerleaders, Cherry and Lola feel that they should personally congratulate the team. Patty states that she is going to try to have sex with each one of them, feeling that they, at the very least, deserve some fellatio for their efforts. A large orgy then commences within the locker room.

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