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Patriot is the manifestation of all the ideals of America, as envisioned by the founding fathers. When America was founded, the founding fathers, lead by Benjamin Franklin, decided that they should create an iconic America a mythical entity to support the fledgling new country. To this end they joined with an alchemist Taylor Samuel Hawke, who succeeded in forging a talisman which embodied everything good and every ideal about America. 
Hawke took the talisman and went to deliver supplies to Washington. When they were intercepted by the British, Hawke was called out by the talisman, and, embracing its power, became the Minuteman, the first incarnation of America. 
Later, the talisman took another another host, becoming Brother Johnathan. Later still he was once again reborn as Uncle Sam. But as the country approached a moral crossroads and as the American dream became blurred, the talisman fragmented itself into thirteen pieces, reflecting the nation fragmented by hate and intolerance. 
A shadowy group known as National interest tried to collect the pieces of the talisman and reforge them into a new manifestation of America, into what they thought America should be like. But their actions were uncovered by the Spectre, the wrath of God, who sought not to let them use the talisman's powers for their own deeds. The Spectre began collecting the fragments of the talisman as well, finding each piece in possession of a representative of an aspect of the American people. Though the National interest succeeded in taking the pieces from the Spectre using the Spear of Destiny, The spirit of the talisman gathered all the possessors of the talisman, and united them in a new entity, the Patriot, an icon made up out of all the American people, a true symbol of America. The Patriot helped the Spectre defeat the National interest and their demented American icon, and then set off to fight for freedom wherever he is needed.

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