Can Patriot surpass Cap America

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I was inspired by another thread. So sue me.

#2 Posted by Tahdigga (449 posts) - - Show Bio

ummmm...yeah, why not

#3 Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau (84704 posts) - - Show Bio

No. I wish he could. But if we're being realistic, no.

#4 Posted by Sling Shot (3562 posts) - - Show Bio

All realism. If we were being really realistic I would say of course and in not too much toime (respectively), but realistically through the eyes of the "great white sharK" I would say never in a million years.

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The Great White Shark. LMFAO, I'm stealing that shit.

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Just refrence me when you do or I'll sue you.

#7 Posted by The_Martian (36984 posts) - - Show Bio

Surpass him how?

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Sling Shot says:

"I was inspired by another thread. So sue me."

Don't give me Ideas. @On Topic. Marvel would never ever ever ever ever ever let patriot surpass cap. Ever.

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Sling Shot says:

"I was inspired by another thread. So sue me."

I wonder where did the inspiration come from lol

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With this kind of thinking, things will never change. It sounds like race is always an issue.

I say with the right writer it could happen.

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Now I absolutely love Patriot. He got off to a bad starts and I respect the guy's nerve and determination. If he gets to live as long as Cap did, he could equal him one day. Surpass? Eh, that's be kinda hard to measure since you can surpass somebody you'll never have a chance to go up against.

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uh, no!

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I don't think he has it in him to replace Captain America.

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He's black, so......No.

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@9th Wonder said:

He's black, so......No.

What was that? Racism? even in a comic´s forum? Geez!!

And i don´t know, i wish he could but at the same time he is kind of a low grade hero. He, and his team need new stronger adventures with strong appealing...and better, they need what the Teen Titans aways had, "fathers".

What patriot need is a true blessing and encouragement of Steve Rogers, like damian is getting from Nobody

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I dont see why not. Potentially he could be greater. Cap was trained by the best of his time. That coupled with his pure heart and moral compass has made him one of the most popular heroes ever. So with Cap as a mentor and the level of training available to Patriot (Cap, BP, Hawkeye, Pym, Bucky etc...), he could potentially surpass Cap...With that being said it will NEVER happen though.

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- Anything is possible, but considering he is in limbo half the time, not likely

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No, but Batman can.

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@Mr. Ubiquitous said:


uh, no!


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