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 In December of 1993, Patrick stabbed Jack Tanner to death in front of a sushi bar where he was having dinner with his wife, Judy. Tanner had threatened to reveal the activities of The Order, a secret society of sexual perversion, because they threatened to kill him for refusing to leave his wife, and commit himself fully

 Patrick And Jack Tanner 

to The Order. Jack took precautions prior to his death, however, leaving an envelope and a key for Judy. The information enclosed leads Judy to a separate apartment that Jack rented, for the sole purpose of serving his duties as The Extremist, an assassin for The Society. Judy uses the information she finds to locate Patrick in one of the Order's rougher S & M clubs. Patrick reveals that he was Jack's sponsor in The Order, and uncharacteristically gives Judy full entry into their ranks.  
Patrick does his best to reiterate the importance of The Extremist's work, of killing those who pose a threat to The Order, but Judy wants no part in it. She tells Patrick that she will don The Extremist's costume only to find and kill those who murdered her husband. Patrick agrees to help her, but only if she serves as The Extremist for The Order. Judy is eventually immersed in the decadent lifestyle of The Order, and agrees to become The Extremist. Patrick sends Judy on several missions to murder people. She kills all of her intended targets, until finding a lead to an individual who is supposedly responsible for the death of her husband. Judy confronts a young woman named Janet, who confesses to being Jack's murderer. Judy kills her without hesitation, however later learns it was Patrick responsible for killing Jack.  
Judy confronts Patrick. He reveals to her that he was the one responsible for

 Judy Confronts Patrick

killing Jack, and that Janet had paid him to have The Extremist murder her, because she no longer wanted to live. Judy nearly kills Patrick, but he tells her that Jack had threatened to reveal The Order's secrets. He tells her that by killing Jack, he set Judy free to be The Order's assassin. Judy finds herself unable to kill Patrick, and accepts her destiny as the new Extremist.    

Powers & Abilities

Patrick has no known super human abilities. He possesses the strength of a man his height and weight who engages in regular exercise.

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