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Prior to Patrick Mulligan's appearance the symbiote known as Carnage had delivered an offspring. At this time, Patrick came into the picture. He was a cop who lived with his family, a wife and a son.

Mayor Story Arcs

Venom versus Carnage

Carnage attached his "child" to Patrick in a gas leak explosion and planned on killing him but he realized he was too weak after birth and left promising to come back and finish the job. Carnage attempted to kill Toxin again, but was prevented from doing so by Black Cat and later Venom (Eddie Brock), who wanted to train it and make it his ally against Spider-Man and if he had to Carnage. Venom fought Carnage, and named the new symbiote Toxin since to other symbiotes he smells like poison and has tendrils like carnage but has a body similar to venom.

Toxin on his own

Other then Carnage however, Patrick, whom became known as Toxin, wanted to become a hero. He fought a few villains such as Razorfist and truly became a hero for the good.

More recently, the Toxin symbiote was seen by Venom, whom was now worn by Flash Thompson as a government agent. The symbiote was stolen by Crime-Master and forced to bonded with Eddie Brock. Patrick was however nowhere to be found.

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