dark_noldor's Pathfinder #4 - Dark Waters Rising Chapter 4 review

Goblin City

Searching for the cult responsible for changing the goblins' nature, our group of adventures face themselves with the dangers of the swamp, a forest called Mosswood, a place where all kinds of creatures exist, good and bad ones - what will they learn by crossing their paths? In issue two I'd make a big complaint about the lack of characters' development and the quality of the dialogues, it seems that Jim Zub really got those flaws corrected, but, unfortunately, this issue felt like he was more concern about that than with the development of the plot, so here we have lots of dialogues that,despite some being usefull and interesting, were in majority a waste of time.Andrew Huerta continues to deliver amazing art, exploring the wild side of the goblins, whose strenght in numbers may prove deadly to our heroes, exploring the creatures that appeared in our adventurer's path, keeping the characters' individualities as an important trace of his style. If there's something about fantasy and RPG stories is the fact that, no matter how hard you try, you always end up drinking from Tolkien, and this issue's scariest creatures come exactly from Lord of The Rings. I believe this series continues to make a good impression out of me, but I wish that the pace of this issue was a little faster, ok, it was nice to see a different character but I really don't know if she will be of further and big assistance in the future so, perhaps, it would've been better not to show her instead and accelerate things in Goblin City (amazing art of the scenario, Huerta's art and Campbell's colors are breathtaking).

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