dark_noldor's Pathfinder #2 - Dark Waters Rising Chapter 2 review

Attack in Seven Tooth

Continuing their quest from last issue, our group now threads in another essencial element of a RPG fantasy story - after the dire battle against the frantic goblins, comes the time to be hired by the authorities of Sandpoint (the burg or city in question here) to wipe out this threat for good. This issue is splendid because of the high level of action and battle: it's been a long time since I've seen quite so many battle pages in a single issue (it were 12 pages of a 22 pages issue) and the quality of these scenes are excellent. Andrew Huerta continues to amaze me with his style, with the quantity of details, the scenarios, the character's individualities, the goblins and bugbears. Jim Zub's narrative is straight foward, the action scenes were very well writen and I really liked the development of the plot, but when it comes to characters development or even the dialogues in between the battle scenes, those are the weak points of this story. As a RPG fantasy story this was fantastic, but if you consider the comic book as a medium, the lack of development of the characters and the poor quality of the dialogues are the things that stoped this issue from getting a higher rate. The best things about this issue were the battles, especially now that our group has a new member, the goblins' rhymes were also very good and Andrew Huertas' art, he's a terrific artist!

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