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All guts no Glory?

Fantasy comics have taken a lot of shapes over the years and a lot of those shapes have been modeled from roleplaying games and video games. Weather it's because no one has any original ideas for a fantasy tale or they just don't translate well to the medium, who knows? That aside one common thing with those books is that they usually fail in sales and finally fade away, never getting to the next level of readership. There are a few exceptions which break that mold like Mouse Guard or The Stuff of Legend but still, I fear this book could be headed the same way as so many others. Issue 1 of Pathfinder gave us an introduction to a small group of travelers experiencing difficulties with increased Goblin aggressiveness. Issue 2 picks up right where the previous issue left off, Our adventurers fight and eventually overcome and learn more of why the timid Goblins fight like dragons. The story doesn't advance too much but we do get a hefty dose of character interaction, which is what roleplaying is all about. I can't say much for the story here but it is beginning to advance so maybe there is still hope for this book to break the fantasy barrier and leap into a new level. The ending will leave you batting your eyes filled with dread. The art is still very stylized and, to me, it just doesn't fit the genre but it is still sort of cool looking art so you may enjoy it. All said and done it was a decent read and left me wanting to see whats next which is how books should be.


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