dark_noldor's Pathfinder #1 - Dark Waters Rising Chapter 1 review

Blood, Ale, Bounty and Battle

Being this a medieval RPG comic book related, even if you try to be creative and original (whats a little difficult in this genre), there're some patterns or paths that each single story of this kind must follow: the most basic and essential rule is a gathering of the heroes/characters for an adventure/quest.This is not different here: a man warrior, a female human sorceress, an elvish thief, a man wizard and a dwarf. A very colorful bunch who get together to investigate some real nasty problem involving Goblins acting erractly and with a strange agressive behavior. Before the quest is set upon them, Seoni, Valeros and Merisiel have a nice (another typical element of a RPG narrative structure) time in a bar, drinking, brawling and having some fun. Jim Zub is doing a terrific job in Skullkickers and this series, though in the same branch, is completely different from the Image title: here there isn't as much comedy as in Skullkickers, there's more of a serious tone here, what is important. Andrew Huerta is a very talented artist, he has a little of Joe Madureira and Matteo Scalera going on, but with more details and precision: the character's costumes, for example, are completely unique of one another, full of details, the weapons' designs are awesome, the character's faces and expressions are also unique and he has a great sense of storytelling. Ross Campbell also did a fantastic job in the color department! I'm a big fan of medieval and RPG related material and I was very happy to see this first issue didn't let me down, this is better than Dungeons & Dragons and Magic The Gathering being published by IDW for example, I hope this continues to be good!

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