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Angel of Death

Azrael is an angel known as a Seraph. He is a warrior angel who leads the Warhost in battle against the Dragon and his evil legions. He also is the leader of an elite group of Seraphs for special missions. Azrael is second only to the archangel Michael. He is a extremely powerful warrior with unquestionable faith. It was Azrael who carried out God's decree of killing all the first born sons of Egypt. After this he became known as Passover.

Passover was sent to Earth to carry out God's judgment on the fallen angel Avengelyne, who had become pregnant out of mortal sin. However, the child was half demon. Passover killed the father, Kyle Wagner, and joined forces with Avengelyne to battle her son Magog, who could possibly be one of the most powerful demons of all time. God showed mercy on Avengelyne and withdrew his judgment and Passover returned to Heaven.

When God disappeared, the angel Micah began his war with the faithful to take over Heaven and Earth - the Armageddon. Along with Avengelyne, Passover followed Micah through time and stopped him from killing Adam and Eve.

Powers & Abilities

The Jesus Fire

Being an angel, Passover feels no pain and is virtually indestructible. Like all angels, Passover is made of the white light of God and will exist as long as God allows it. Passover has an axe made of the white light and since he is the angel of death, can channel the energy through his body, creating powerful blasts. Passover can fly at great speeds and teleport. He can also change his or others appearances with a thought.

In the Image volume, Passover is in the possession of one of the five holy weapons known as the Jesus Fire. The Jesus Fire represents Jesus and humanity's sins for which he died. The Jesus Fire is capable of extreme firepower.

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