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Pasnic is a world divided into two distinct divisions, both astronomically and politically. One side of Pasnic is always turned away from the sun, casting an entire hemisphere of the planet into perpetual darkness. The other half of the world is lit by endless daylight. The world is inhabited by two very different races. The Lrpturs evolved on the sunlit side of the world. The name, "Lrptur", roughly translates into "Day". Their royal house color is orange. On the opposite side of Pasnic, evolved the second race, the Kryofys. Their name roughly translates into "Night". The color of their royal house is purple. Separating Pasnic's planetary hemispheres is a misty demilitarized zone, cast in perpetual twilight.

The two reigning kingdoms entered into a feud, millennia ago, the reasons of which have been lost to history. In the last quarter of the 30th century, the war between the Lrptur and the Kryofys had escalated, to such a point, that the very planet itself was threatened with destruction. Such a scenario would have been catastrophic for the three other planets in orbit around Pasnic's star. Pasnic's orbital position maintains a very delicate gravitational balance with it's three planetary neighbors. Had Pasnic's war claimed the planet, the other three worlds would have been pulled from their orbit, and drawn into the star. Two members of the Legion of Super-Heroes were sent to Pasnic to resolve the Lrptur's war with the Kryofys. Mutual hatred between the two sitting kings, Jonn of the Lrptur and Lillt of the Kryofys, had become the driving fuel sustaining the war. By forcing the two heads of state to face each other, in the demilitarized zone, in unarmed combat, a mutual accord was reached, leading to a lasting peace.

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