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Not for serious people.

Here`s a flimsy review that should help you decide whether to read this book or not. A book that you probably can`t even understand all of, because it`s not written in English. Let`s see how that works out...

What I like about this? Answer:

The art and plot by Ville Ranta are equally extraordinary.

Adam and Eve are portrayed realistically. Very.

The subject is explored enough.

Sex is portrayed as something completely natural. Groovy.

It has Death! Seriously, Death`s one of my faf characters ever. So whenever Death is involved, it`ll probably make the story better for me.

What`s both good and bad about this? Answer:

Full of humor that doesn`t make you laugh, because it`s so twisted. For example, how Jahveh/God is portrayed. As a bitter old man (who`s not all bad). This is the vengeful God from the Old Testament. I don`t like that portrayal of him completely, but it is an interesting version.

What`s bad about this? Yet again, and answer:

Well, for me, nothing much, really.

Who should read, and maybe also buy this? The last answer:

This isn`t for those who see sacrilicion everywhere, and don`t like. Quite the contrary, they should keep a mile away from any copy of this book.

But, if you can digest religious satire, give it a go.

Posted by The Poet

"Not for serious people." I'm sold...

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

@The Poet:

Weird. Doesn`t seem like a book you might wanna read. But okay.

Posted by thanosrules

Looks interesting.

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k



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