What the bloody heck?

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When he asked Rudy how long he had pretended to be Lois, the Parasite related his story to the Man of Steel. In his final moments he tells Superman that he still needed to have contact with Lois once every twenty-four hours to maintain his charade, confirming that she is still alive. He also told him that Lois loves him more deeply than he could ever know. The Parasite died before he could tell Superman where Lois was imprisoned. Lois was soon found alive by Superman and Batman inside a cave the Parasite had used as a hideout.

Lex Luthor, with whom it is implied the Parasite had engaged in amorous, "extramarital" activity while in Lois' form, was infuriated when he learned of the Parasite's schemes. As such, Luthor went to great efforts to obtain the Parasite's remains.


I feel a little sick after reading this.


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it mean he and superman did the deed? lol
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@Kyuubifreak:   I think it means Parasite and Lex Luthor did the deed since while he was posing as Lois I think Parasite gave Superman the cold shoulder to make him think Lois was falling out of love with him...But yeah, Lex and Parasite? YUCK XD
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That is not right. So very not right.

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I guess Parasite could tell us who is the real Man of Steel.

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@ComicMan24 said:
" I guess Parasite could tell us who is the real Man of Steel. "
@InnerVenom123 said:
" LMAO "
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Oh my god....

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Wait..wtf?  When did that happen?

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@FadeToBlackBolt:  What be worse if the parasite had gotten pregnant while in this form
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It's official, DC Comics creates some of the most messed up story arcs. I mean, you have one of Superman's, obviously male, enemies pose as the love of Superman's life, have sex with him, cheat on him with Lex Luthor of all people, and then fess up on his deathbed. That is so many different kinds of nasty.

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