Green Lantern: Beginner's Guide to Parallax

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If “parasite” and “entity” aren’t buzz words with a lot of associations in your mind, it’d probably be easier to describe Parallax as the god of fear in the DC universe’s cosmology. If you’re afraid of something or, more importantly, if you have the power to instill great terror in others, then you fall under this insect-like creature’s domain. Likewise, if the Green Lantern Corps is all about having the willpower to overcome emotions like fear, it fits that Parallax’s yellow-themed Sinestro Corps would be their antithesis, doesn’t it?

Think about your basic human emotions: they more-or-less boil down to anger, love, greed, compassion, hope and, yes, fear. In the DC universe, each of these feelings are personified by color-coded creatures (entities) who form an abstract, elemental pantheon called the Emotional Spectrum. Each entity has an accompanying order who draws power from it and works to spread its particular emotion throughout the galaxy. For example, the Red Lantern Corps serves the bull-like entity Butcher and fosters rage in the galaxy while the Green Lanterns serve the whale-like entity, Ion, who promotes the calm, stoic balance and control of emotions through willpower. Fitting right into that schema is Parallax and its Sinestro Corps.

Incorporeal deities typically have a desire to be incarnated in the material world (usually through the means of possession.) Out of all the entities, Parallax might have the most enthusiastic penchant for such parasitism. It possessed Hal Jordan, the greatest Green Lantern, after the destruction of Coast City, his hometown, decimated his willpower and left him terribly vulnerable to fear. The entity used him as a puppet for a terrible coup against the servants of its opposite number, the Ion, by compelling Jordan to kill almost all his fellow Lanterns and then seize the power within Oa’s great battery.

== TEASER ==

As an avatar of Parallax, Jordan became a huge player in the DC universe's affairs for the next few years. With control oscillating between himself and the entity, he villainously attempted to reshape history to his own design in ZERO HOUR, then altruistically offered his own life to re-ignite the Sun during THE FINAL NIGHT. It wasn’t until Jordan became host to another being, the Spectre, that this parasite was finally exorcised from him. Since then, Parallax has taken home in the Sinestro Corps’ own power battery and has briefly possessed Jordan’s successor, Kyle Rayner, and best friend, Barry Allen. It’s currently being used by Krona along with all the other entities for a scheme in the WAR OF THE GREEN LANTERNS storyline.

It should be noted that Parallax’s history and true nature were devised as “retroactive continuity." Originally, Parallax was simply a new persona Hal Jordan took on after he renounced his Green Lantern identity. This “heel turn” storyline was tremendously controversial, however, so later issues revealed new details that could bring Jordan back to the side of angels without invalidating anything that had happeed. Thus, Parallax was re-interpreted as a parasitic entity that had been imprisoned in the great Oan battery by the Guardians for thousands of years. This was the “yellow impurity” which's presence in the core explained why Lanterns’ power rings didn’t work on anything of that color.

Parallax is set to be the main villain in the forthcoming GREEN LANTERN movie and it looks like the creature's been altered some. Instead of being an insect-like parasite, the entity better resembles a cloud of agonized souls. However, it still brandishes the inverted lantern symbol, it still wields yellow fear-based energies and, while it doesn’t look like it’ll be possessing Jordan, it seems like it’ll be using Hector Hammond as a host instead.

Most importantly, it stills look quite scary,

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I'm kinda annoyed by Hollywood going once more too a too much over-complicated design for this movie's CGi monster. (kinda like Bay's Transformers)
It doesn't make such creatures look any more realistic or believable...just messy and annoying too look at.
Let's hope this movie's ending won't look like the random closing act of Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver surfer nor Ang Lee's HULK...

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Im excited to see paralax on the big would be amaizng to see Hal get possessed and take out some Green Lanterns in the next movie.
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Paralax reminds me of Galactus in Fantastic 4.  ... i dont like that.

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@Grim said:
Paralax reminds me of Galactus in Fantastic 4.  ... i dont like that.
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@yeopop said:
@Grim said:
Paralax reminds me of Galactus in Fantastic 4.  ... i dont like that.
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I don't think comic book fans understand some comic book characters and ideas do not translate well to the big screen.  I see nothing wrong with the evil cloud design rather than a giant bat-cricket.

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I think its just a different spin on how Parallax looks. Frankly I think it will work for the movie but then again having not seen it yet I can only speculate. After all, the real Parallax looks like an oversized yellow praying mantis and I don't exactly think big bugs sell well in Hollywood anymore last time I checked.

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I second the sentiment concerning big screen translation.  Sometimes it just doesn't work. Honestly I hope I never see a threatening world devourer in a over-sized helmet dressed from head to toe in purple.  I'm sorry I love the guy but it will look ridiculous.

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@TDK_1997 said:
@yeopop said:
@Grim said:
Paralax reminds me of Galactus in Fantastic 4.  ... i dont like that.
Also Agree.
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Yeah I'm not really enjoying the cloud form but at the same time a giant yellow insect would be a little ridiculous as well. 
While I don't want to say the movie would be a total waste because of this I think a better strategy would have been to focus solely on Hector Hammond for Hal's responsibilities on Earth and go with Legion for the Corps to deal with and each would have some connection to Parallax. In this way we still get the conflict with yellow and overcoming fear (via Hector using his new mental abilities to cause hallucinations and illusions) while keeping Parallax out of the main view in an origin story.
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I'm sorry but I never liked that Insectoid bat look for Parallax, it made him look stupid. Give Parallax a form that will actually incite fear.

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didnt know parallax  was the main villain i thought it was sinestro , parallax  is  a big villain in GL mythos  to put him out now .. what are they gnna do in the sequel? ive heard blackest night but once again too much too soon . in other words im not gnna see this movie , nor  xmen first class . just looks like cap and the avengers are the only comic movies im gnna watch lol

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People never know what the yellow smoke is... now people can stop asking!

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@fitchy101 said:
@TDK_1997 said:
@yeopop said:
@Grim said:
Paralax reminds me of Galactus in Fantastic 4.  ... i dont like that.
Also Agree.
Side with this.
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It's the smoke monster from Lost

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@SoA: I know for a fact that they are planning to do a trilogy, and i think the goal is to just introduce paralax as the villain and everything and get defeated. The sequel i can safely say 100% will be about Sinestro, cuz u need an entire movie devoted to him, and maybe the 3rd will be paralax returning and possessing hal and him being the villain and dying in the end. After the credits they could show a scene where u see Spectre.

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Oh god if Butcher from The Boys were in this it would be a completely different story XD

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@Grim: I strongly agree.
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Hal Jordan is not the greatest green lantern.Sodam Yat is. 
And if we talk about humans,it's Kyle Rayner.

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I'd reconsider on X-Men: First Class. I was waiting through half the movie for it to get bad like X 3 did. But by grounding it in history and having a real world identity for every character besides their mutant one (Magneto is tracking and killing Nazis, Charles Xavier is a teacher counseling mutants in realizing their potential and later works with the CIA, Shaw and Emma Frost are basically Bond villains with a hijacked sub!). This is NOT a Bond movie with mutant powers - but it is closer to that than any previous X movie. This is now my favorite X movie and the acting especially by January Jones, but by everyone, is very realistic and not comic-booky. Don't miss out!
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I am only looking forward to the OA scenes. Mark Strong as Sinestro is pretty bad ass.

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Dude this just randomly popped into my head. Should Batman become possessed by Parallax? He does already instill great fear in others

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I beleive at the begining of the sinestro war a yellow ring tried to take batman but his willpower overtook his suitability for fear... and was rejected..
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@howlett76 said:
@SpidermanWins:   I beleive at the begining of the sinestro war a yellow ring tried to take batman but his willpower overtook his suitability for fear... and was rejected..
Good to know

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