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Kain was experimenting in a lab. His purpose was to enter a time-loop, living out each of his dimensional counterpart's lives one by one, thus becoming virtually immortal. But something went wrong and the lab exploded. The explosion evolved Kain into Paradoxx. However, unknown to Kain, all his dimensional counterparts all did the same experiment that went wrong, and all entered the time-loop as Paradoxx. Now, Paradoxx was one body shared by many counterparts, living one life, trapped in an parallel dimension only accessible through a wormhole. The experiment also erased his own, and his sister Nira's, reality from existence.


Created by Bill Maus.

Character Evolution

Originally created as an adversary for Zen, he quickly became the main antagonist for Nira-X, who received her own series shortly after debuting in Zen: Intergalactic Ninja. Consisting out of many otherdimensional counterparts, originally Paradoxx was a conflicting person. Containing Nira's brother, Paradoxx didn't want to kill her. After going through a time-gate, Paradoxx seemingly repressed that personality and became more vicious.

Major Story Arcs

The Alternity Saga

One day, Paradoxx breaks free of his time-loop prison when Zen and a Rygulian spaceship traveled both through the wormhole and landed on the only planet in that galaxy. The alien race called Gordons, who prime directive is to preserve the ecological well-being of all living planets, hires Nira-X to stop him. Fighting Nira-X, Paradoxx reveals her to be her brother. Paradoxx is too strong from both Zen and Nira-X, but help comes from the previously unconscious Rygulian warrior. The Rygulian warrior stabs Paradoxx in the back and sets off a bomb after allowing Zen and Nira to escape. Paradoxx somehow survives and sets off after Zen. Inside the wormhole, Zen sets off his own bomb, destroying the wormhole, effectively defeating Paradoxx.

Birth of a Cyberangel

Multiple personalities

In 2192, Paradoxx is revived in a government science facility in New York by three other time-traveling villains: Millenia, Delta-Void and Quid. Nira-X tries to stop them. During the fight, the main control systems are shot and a time-gate opens. Paradoxx, Nira-X and the villains are all pulled through the time-portal.

Paradoxx and his allies are pulled back to New York City in 1995. Somehow Paradoxx senses that the time-element he needs to rewrite history is hidden in a starbird, which is about to arrive in Central Park. With the help of Cyberhood and his teammates (who are on the starbird), Nira-X is able to defeat Paradoxx and destroy the time-element. Paradoxx and his allies were supposed to return to their own present-day reality, but are somehow returned to Central Park, but slightly altered. Paradoxx plans to blow up the city by sealing the underground water conduits and thus overheating the power stations. Nira-X foils their plan again. Paradoxx eventually comes face-to-face with her. Paradoxx proves that the creature doesn't contain an element of her brother anymore. Nira-X then kills Paradoxx by blowing a big hole in his body.


The Director of Oases, a secret organization bent on world domination through time-travel, revealed to a captured Nira-X that he orchestrated Paradoxx's experiments based on Dunkan Riley's original designs and was thus responsible for the creation of Paradoxx and the destruction of Nira-X's original reality.


Paradoxx has regenerative abilities and has molecular control over his body.

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