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This page is for an imprint of DC Comics.
 Paradox Graphic Mystery
After Piranha Press proved unsuccessful commercially, editor Mark Nevelow created Paradox Press which was edited by Andrew Helfer and Later Jim Higgins. Paradox Press were to publish mature reader content and creator owned projects in genres that were not being published by Vertigo, who at the time produced mostly fantasy, sci-fi and superhero genres, many of which were made from DC properties. 
Paradox Press also published the popular Eisner Award-winning The Big Book Of... series of anthologies under the label Factoid Books as well as a localisation of the Japanese Manga Gon. Some books were also printed under the Paradox Graphic Mystery label.
The line is most famous for the graphic novels Road to Perdition and A History of Violence, both due to the popular motion pictures adapted from them. These graphic novels and others still in print from the line are now published under DC's more successful brand Vertigo. After Paradox Press was ended in 2001, Vertigo evolved to become DC's main outlet for non-superhero publishing efforts encompassing all genres.

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