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What ARE they? On their wikipedia site, its stated that they are the most sociopathic and cruel beings thats been recruited then trained and last joins Darkseids army. Based on this they are ''alive'', right? they are beings, just like humans, Superman, Batman and everyone els. Now the reason im asking is - from time to time we see Parademons being killed by heroes who otherwise vow never to kill, example: Ive seen Batman kill one, Superman kill dozens (Wonder Woman and Aquaman as well.. but their morals arent as pure as Supermans) and so on. So are we to presume that they are not really alive? or are they just so much of scum that its okay to sqeeze one from time to time?

(The last time ive seen JLA members kill them was as new as the New 52)

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@Skunkstein: Parademons can't be considered "alive" in a traditional sense. They've been transformed into something far from their original forms (assuming they even had one) and are incapable of truly thinking for themselves.

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