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Marga seems to have two origins, in her first story she is the blonde nurse assistant of a mad scientist who is experimenting with fusing humans and panthers, one of his experiments turns Marga’s blond hair black while giving her the abilities and instincts of a panther, striking and thinking she has killed the doctor (she hasn’t, but he dies soon after by accident) she heads out into the jungle kills and eats an antelope and then finds a futuristic city where her adventures among civilization begins, later in the series we are told Wandered off into a jungle when she was 13 Marga is adopted by a group of panthers where she is “inoculated with the traits of a black panther,” giving her their senses, speed, agility, strength, and oddly also for some reason their silted eyes and claws. Later she saves crashed aviator Ted Grant who takes her back to civilization only now it's the world of the early 20th century not a futuristic one.

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