Pandora's Trench Coat

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Pandora sort of took the fans of the DC Universe by storm after her first appearance.  Of course it is pretty rare for a character to show up 53 times in a single month’s worth of comics (she appeared in all of the new 52 plus also Flashpoint #5) but unlike other characters created specifically for company-wide crossovers, much remains to be revealed about her role in the scheme of things.  As opposed to characters like Pariah, Lady Quark or Alexander Luthor (all of whom were created for Crisis on Infinite Earths) all that is known of her is that she is some sort of agent of change that has abilities to travel across time and space (though it remains to be seen if she will show up in the second wave of the new 52.)  However, as enigmatic as she is, there is something interesting about her character which is rarely mentioned (and not surprisingly as it mostly relates to fashion) and that is her clothing, and specifically that she wears a trench coat.  The history of the trench coat is pretty well documented as it appeared first in the First World War as a piece of military clothing.  From this beginning the garment actually became a popular piece of fashion for both men and women, though I would say somewhat indisputably that women took it and made it their own, while it became something much more generic for men.   

 All detectives require English style head wear to be effective.

 Thus while the trench coat became a staple of high fashion for women it became relegated to the field of the hard-boiled detective for men.  In terms of early comic characters a lot carried on the pulp novel style of character that was so popular in the 1930s and produced such recognizable characters as Sam Spade or Rick Blaine (both played by Humphrey Bogart).  These in turn produced early detectives such as Dick Tracy or Slam Bradley.  While the trench coat got this niche for men, for women it exploded in popularity and even today variations of trench coats are still seen on the most exclusive fashion runways.  In terms of female comic book characters that wear trench coats though the list is pretty short, so much so that I can’t think of any (though I am sure there are some.)  Still it is interesting after all this time to see a sort of synthesis of the two directions the garment took by being featured prominently by both a female and a comic book character.     

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My favorite person to wear a trench coat.

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I was thinking the same thing, about her trench-coat. It does seem to suggest that she might be something like a metaphysical detective (or maybe metaphysical sailor, given it's similarities to a peacoat.)

I'm not sure if a derby hat would fit well on top of Batman's head, given his spikey, little ears. But it is a necessity and must be done.

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@cosmo111687: I suppose it is not necessarily a trench coat seeing as the design is not entirely consistent, but it does fit in with the genre.   
Cowls (including bat-cowls) sort of are English style headwear, though I guess they originated more so in Italy or Greece.  
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It's not as cool as Constantine's trench coat though.


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 @Billy Batson: 
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@Daveyo520@Billy Batson@spiderbat87:  
Lots of examples of male characters wearing trenchcoats
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@lykopis: The X-Men are always on the front-lines of fashion. :)

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@lykopis: Bahaha!

Nice Blog Razza-Ma-Tazz!

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It's definitely stating something about her character and not just happenstance, that much is for certain. And the association with a comic book detective is a logical assumption. When one totes their claimed status, generally they color themselves with the usual associated cliche's as it's the single best way to sell oneself " I'm an astronomer, as you can clearly see by this telescope, and t-shirt with a picture of the Earth " " I'm scientist, as you can tell by my frequent use of scientific terms and intellectually overhauled presentation, and white lab coat " " I'm tough, as you can tell by my leather trench coat and boots styled after the required dress of the Nazi Party geared to subconsciously striking fear in others much like the feathers of a peacock do in animals " ect. That and trench coats aid in invisibility as Pandora can tell you, and of course are very warm when traveling the multiverse this season. I love it and want one know! I'm not sure why, maybe because she's been on my mind, but her look reminds me of my beloved Sypha Belnades from the Castlevania Universe.

@RazzaTazz said:

@cosmo111687: Of course it is pretty rare for a character to show up 53 times in a single month’s worth of comics

Unless your a Marvel character, like Norman Osborn for example, then it just par the course? :P

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Does that really count as a trench coat?

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My Favorites:

Of course Columbo!
Possibly the best known trench coat since Columbo.

PS: Pandora's trench coat looks very weird -_-

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I Bet Slam Bradley Stayed in the Pre-Flashpoint DcU and has the powers of Superman after the charcters left and he was already a better detective than Batman.

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I have to say. You gotta be Razz-Level to make a blog on Trench Coats. Razz-Level.

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