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In the greek myth, Pandora is a woman who has among her dowry a box that holds all the diseases of humankind: oldness, illness, war, hunger, misery, madness, vice, deceit and also passion and hope. Once she was married, Pandora opened the box. She quickly closed it, but all the diseases were already out, only hope stayed locked inside.  
Pandora Box, written by Alcante, associates the seven capital sins with a modern technology and a greek myth:

#1 L'Orgueil (Pride):   
Human cloning
#2 La Paresse (Sloth): 
Drug taking 
Troy's war   

#3 La gourmandise (Gluttony):   
Factory farming
Theseus and the Minotaur 
#4 La Luxure (Lust):   
Virtual reality  
Orpheus and Eurydice
#5 L'Avarice (Greed):   
Speculation on the Stock Exchange 
King Midas
#6 L'Envie (Envy):   
Artificial Inteligence 
#7 La Colere (Wrath): 
Biological warfare 
#8 L'Esperance (Hope)

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