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Pamela lives in New York City and is best friends with Judy Laughton.

Major Story Arcs

Hide in Plain Sight

Pam meets her best friend, Judy, at the IRT station somewhere near Lexington. The friends talk about how Judy was now engaged and happy, then all of a sudden Judy jumps in front of the one coming train, dieing on impact.

Later Pam is interviewed by Beverly Simmons, for WOR action news about the incident. When asked if Judy was depressed Pam yells at the reporter, "This was NOT Judy!"

Later while at the Deli-Food Diner, Pam is approached by Bruce Banner. he comments about he had a brief run in with Judy just before her death. Pam asks him to sit with her and after buying him dinner the two go for a walk in the park. While walking they are confronted by some muggers. Pam wants to give them the money but Bruce plans on using the Hulk strength to stop them. Just as he is abut to fight them, Pam uses self defense tactics to beat the four muggers up. After they run away Bruce asks Pam where she learned to fight like that. Her response is prison and she kicks him in the face.

While Bruce is reeling from the surprise kick, Pam asks him what happened. Bruce tells her, she fought off the muggers, then turned on him. She can't remember anything about that and get angry with him. pam then runs off leaving Bruce alone in the park.

Bruce then fallows Pam into a subway station, but somehow looses sight of her. This is when Pam comes up from behind Bruce and pushes him into an oncoming train. Bruce changes into the Hulk and survives but Pam has no remembrance of this. Bruce tries to talk to Pam and ask her what the last thing she remembers is. All she can recall is seeing the Absorbing Man's face.

While walking across a bridge, Bruce tells her that the Absorbing Man maybe possessing her mind. Then Bruce suddenly tells Pam to run, and she does but when she is almost hit by a truck Bruce saves her. Pam then witnesses Bruce change into the Hulk. The Hulk grabs Pam and she gets hurt and the Hulk calms down.

After the police question Pam about the Hulk's appearance she goes to Judy's old apartment, and sneaks in. There she finds a folder from Judy's job and calls to speak to Dr. David Zhan. She tries to explain whats going on but the line gets disconnected. She then get a call from Bruce but that call get cut short too.

Pam tracks Bruce down and follows him and an Absorbing Man possess little girl to the Absorbing Man's prison in New Jersey. There Pam watches the Absorbing Man's escape and battle with the Hulk. Pam is the one the realizes the only way to trap the Absorbing Man, and tricks him into going into the mind of the dead Dr. Zhan, trapping him inside a corpse.

Pam then watches as Banner disappears into the sunset once again.

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