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Age of Apocalypse

A trio of assassins under Apocalypse´s lead. They were formed to follow Nightcrawler and enter Avalon, the promise land for mutants and humans far from Apocalypse influence. Members: Damask (Ms. Deed), Danielle Moonstar and Dead Man Wade (Deadpool). 
Moonstar served as a cover agent in Ghost Dance, first scale on the Infernal Gallop, which was a church serving as a base to John Proudstar and his cult, they were the first stage to get entrance to Avalon. She gave information to Apocalypse of Nightcrawler´s intentions to get Avalon. When Apocalypse realized about Nightcrawler journey he prepared a skillful group of assassins to follow him. 
Head off
Danielle was a sadistic woman that liked to torture Wade and tested his healing power. Damask weary of Danielle´s attitude blowed her head up. Using a flying device they followed Kurt and managed to get to Antartica and then to Avalon. When Damask and Wade arrived to Avalon, Damask had a change of heart and thought that no one had taught her that world could be so beautiful, seeing her mistake she decided to protect the place. Nevertheless Wade was taught to hate all kinds of life and he was not rest until all life was supressed. Damask tried to convice him with no results so she was forced to attack him. Due to his healing power Wade would not fade until Nightcrawler teleported Wade´s head off. 
Later was revealed that Wade´s body was inhabited by the Shadow King, last member of Pale Riders. Using different bodies, Shadow King began to destroy Avalon and his citizens. X-Calibre seeing this destruction combine their powers and destroyed Shadow King´s mind.

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