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The painting is presumed to be the work of famous Italian artist Giovanni Battista Piranesi. Original painting was destroyed in 1814, but many years later a duplicate emerged. This time it was the work of young Icelandic artist Max Bordenghast. He locked himself in garret room for several days and, with the help of ancient shamanic techniques, created the painting. He spent the rest of his life within the walls of asylum while painting disappeared without a trace. Another attempt to recreate it was made by English occultist Austin Osman Spare. He tried to produce a similar painting, using automatic drawing, but failed. The painting resurfaced in 1923, this time as part of Comte D'Aguille's collection. In 1940, it was seized by Nazis and then passed into the hands of Horst Eismann who kept it in a converted observatory in the Alps. Despite its inaccessibility, the painting was stolen by Brotherhood of Dada. They brought it to Paris and activated it using automatic poem composed by Mr. Nobody. The ritual was successful, and painting fully absorbed the city leaving nothing but a desert. This act attracted attention of various superheroes, including Doom Patrol.

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