Palmiotti Talks 'Painkiller Jane'

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I do not know if you guys are familiar with the comic book series 'Painkiller Jane,' which was created by Jimmy Palmiotti and the current editor in chief of Marvel Comics, Joe Quesada back in 1995; but the character saw some success on television in the form of a made for TV film in December 2005, and again in her own mini series in April of 2007 which lasted only one season. It seems that Jane Vasco, also known as 'Painkiller Jane,' will soon again be revived to the screen. MTV reported that Jane's creator Jimmy Palmiotti has announced that his character will once again have the opportunity to shine on screen. 

"The good thing is that I will be involved a hell of a lot more than last time," he said about the development of the new "Jane" film. "We had that two hour movie on SyFy and I was somewhat involved, then we did the series and I got to write one and I was involved a little bit more. But this time, I'm actually writing the screenplay."

This is good news for everyone involved, I think. With Palmiotti more heavily involved in the character development and screenwriting, one can bet the the characterization of 'Painkiller Jane' this time around will be more closely aligned to the original comic book series than ever before. 


While Palmiotti indicated that he was not crazy about the portrayal of his 'Painkiller Jane' in the short lived television series, he did mention that he became very close friends with the lead actress that played the role of the self-healing vigilante, Kristanna Loken, and would consider casting her in his film version in a heartbeat. 

"The best thing I got out of doing the 'Jane' show with SyFy is that I became very good friends with Kristanna Loken," he revealed. "I would use her again in a heartbeat, but it would be with a different story."

Rest assured comic fans, for this is one adaptation that is likely to stay true to the original story line. Are you a fan of Quesada and Palmiotti's 'Painkiller Jane' series? If so are you looking forward to watching her story develop into a film? 

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First time I heard of Jane was in a crossover with the Punisher, where she had a crush on him. lol

I can understand Palmiotti not being crazy about Jane's portrayal on the series since it was nothing like the character from the comics. Which is why it disintrested me into watching the show. The Painkiller Jane that I read in that crossover was who I wanted to see in the show. Not something completely different.

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This comic had some great "good girl/bad girl" art when it was published.  I missed the Sci-Fi or "Scy-Fy"--wha-eva--movie and series, but if they use the same actress for the movie that would really be great.  I'd definitely want to see this one.  Again, another comic property ouside of Marvel and DC is getting a shot at the Silver Screen!  :)

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This is great news I'm looking forward to seeing Jane grace the screen again but more true to her character as it was meant to be. Do anyone feel that Kristanna Loken should return as Painkiller Jane for the TV movie?

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@aouric said:
"This is great news I'm looking forward to seeing Jane grace the screen again but more true to her character as it was meant to be. Do anyone feel that Kristanna Loken should return as Painkiller Jane for the TV movie? "

Though I didn't like how PJ looked on the show I did like Loken. I feel that she should return to play her again.
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good news

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Never read the book; I was going to until I heard the TV adaption stank, which is why I was interested to begin with, and then it just sort of got lost in the shuffle of things I need to buy.

Gotta love Palmiotti, though, and I wish him luck! Hopefully this works-out better than the SyFy deal, and really, why do comic people keep giving that network a chance with their superhero properties? Have they ever done ONE right?!

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Based on her past work, I think Loken could definitely do PJ again in a movie, but she would have to have a totally different take on the character than she did in the series.

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