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Painkiller Jane's' Overview: How The Story Began

Don't Be A Pain

Painkiller Jane is a character created by Jimmy Palmiotti and present Marvel Comics editor Joe Quesada back in 1995 for Event Comics, for the 22 Brides series. She later got her own series which lasted five issues, and gave her a new origin. Jane did go on to make other appearances in several other titles throughout the industry such as Vampirella, Hellboy and The Punisher.

The series was successfully recently re-launched by Dynamite comics more recently, and the first issue to the series was so successful that it sold out. The character transitioned from comic books to the small screen when the Sci-Fi picked up the idea and turned "Jane" into a made for television movie in December, 2005. Although the film depicted a much different origin story for Jane, the success of the film led the Sci-Fi Channel to launch the pilot for the television series in April of 2007, but only saw one season. The character was portrayed by actress Kristanna Loken as 'Jane Vasco' and likened in origin more to the comic book version of the character than the film version.

22 Brides Origin

We are introduced to Jane Vasco while she is acting as an undercover police officer attempting to infiltrate the ' Fonti Mob.' After managing to successfully infiltrate the organization, she establishes a trusting relationship with the mob's ring leader, Joe Fonti. Fonti unsuspectingly plants a bomb on Vasco, and sends her on a mission to confront and relay a message to a rival gang leader, Adam. The bomb which was meant to detonate and kill Adam, backfires allowing him to escape to safety and gravely injuring Jane Vasco. In turn, Adam revives Jane, and Jane is mysteriously endowed with healing powers. After obtaining these special powers, Jane ends her career as a special under cover police officer, and takes on the role of a vigilante.

Second Origin

Maureen and Jane

In Painkiller Jane's self titled series in Event Comics her origin was changed slightly. Jane started out a high prospect when she graduated from the police academy with her friend Maureen Quinn. She also had two proud parents, Karl and Maria Vasko and a fiance, Mark Willofsky. Mark was Jane's childhood sweetheart.

Jane's life was going well. She was a highly decorated officer and was promoted to a detective. She became Maureen's partner and their first mission was to take down the Blanco Brothers. They quickly got in the midst of the gang until they saw a television reporter announced that a policemen had been shot. The policemen was Maureen's husband. Hearing this Maureen storms out of the building leaving Jane exposed.

The Blanco Brothers try to kill Jane by giving her a lethal cocktail of a bad batch of drugs. The drugs put Jane in a coma for over a year. While she was in the coma she was cared for by Seth Hiller who fell in love with her as well as Maureen who felt guilty for what happened to Jane. Jane's fiancée moved on and got married and her parents died of broken hearts.

Seth patches Jane Pain

When Jane awoke she was protected by Seth and Maureen who found a dead Jane Doe to be claimed as Jane so the Blanco Brothers would think she was dead. Over the next few months Maureen trained Jane and help her get back to into physical fitness. Also during that time Jane discovered that she had the ability to heal quickly as a side effect to the drug cocktail. Once ready Jane hit the streets as Painkiller Jane. Her first target was the Blaco Brothers. She got into a fight with them and killed Reynaldo Blanco but let Angel Blanco go on the condition he would never come back to New York City. She did shoot him in the leg however as a going away present. Angel left only to return in an attempt to get his revenge.

Painkiller Jane's Special Powers

Jane, Painkiller Jane

Due to the accident that harmed her, we get the idea that whatever Adam did to revive her has made Jane indestructible . Jane manages to heal within moments after receiving gun shot wounds, (even directly to her face) and regenerate. However, even though the wounds heal, Jane still experiences excruciating pain which is where her name is derived.


In the Painkiller Jane television show, Jane has yet another origin; she is a "Neuro" with her powers resulting from unknown origins and being neurological in nature. She starts the series working for the DEA and is then recruited to help stop other Neuros. She does so after awakening with her powers, which surfaced after she fell over 20 stories and died.

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