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Dan dies on Pago Island

Jarvis Kord went to Pago Island to build his indestructible robots with a desire to take over the world. When Jarvis' nephew Ted Kord found out what he was up to he enlisted the help of his college professor Dan Garrett to help him. What Ted didn't know was the Dan is the original Blue Beetle. In an attempt to stop Jarvis, Dan turned into the Blue Beetle and Jarvis committed a murder suicide to kill the Blue Beetle. As Dan dies he asks Ted to take up the mantle for him. Ted agrees but Dan's magical scarab is lost in a cave in. When Ted leaves he becomes the Blue Beetle without the help of the scarab.

Later, a scientist named Conrad Carapax comes to the island believing Dan died for some great secret. Conrad was a hated rival of the Dan and was determined to find his secret and get out from under Dan's academic shadow. In Conrad's search he finds Jarvis' old lab and comes across a robot suit made to merge with the spirit of a human. Conrad ends up merging with the robot and become the villain Carapax.

Death Stalks the Night

As Carapax he he emerges from the depths of the Island to find a ship full of men who were on the hay to the island. A Chicago Police Detective was investigating Dan Garrett's mysterious death and led the ship to it's location. When Carapax sees the ship he damages it forcing it to beach on the island. While the survivors are beached on the island, Carapax kills all but one of the survivors. He kills them a few at a time. The one surviving shipmate was driven mad by the time Blue Beetle (Ted Kord) found him. The police detective also survived the incident and help Blue Beetle battle Carapax.

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