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Padma Singh in human form

Padma was the most renown marine physiologist in Saudi Arabia. Convinced she could bio-engineer a human being capable of moving freely in water, she used herself as the first test subject. All her theories proved correct and after months of training, she was transformed into a sub-oceanic creature, capable of breathing in and out of water. Yet the longer the was in her new form, the less she had a mental grip on her humanity.

At her insistence, she was sent beneath the surface of the newly discovered ocean under the Sahara desert. When she didn't return, her sister Shetal and her employer the Sheik of Rytal organized a search party, together with Aspen Matthews, Colin Woreth and Judith Banyaski. In the depths of the ocean, they were attacked by employees of the Church of Eternal Depths, who also took Padma Singh captive.

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