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Drifting with Kaiju. Canceling the Apocalypse. Giant Mechs fighting Giant Monsters, Crazyness but in a Good Way 0

With a simple opening title card explaining the definition of the words Kaiju, Japanese for Great Beast, and Jaeger, German for Hunter. Pacific Rim is off. A quick sub 10 minute opening montage explains exactly everything the audience needs to know about Guillermo del Toro’s latest film built around the boyish idea of giant mechs fighting giant monsters.One of the strongest criticisms I have had with this summers allotment of blockbuster cinema is: most of these films just don’t know what they ...

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Puts Man of Steel to shame with CGI 8

Please excuse if this feels like a gush fest at points I just can't control my excitement over this film.Minor spoilersThis was a film I originally wasn't going to see I mean I like monster movies, and giant exo skeletons, and all that, but the trailer didn't pull me in, and it wasn't on my to watch list like Man of Steel, but due to personal reasons I went and saw it (nothing tragic or sad or anything just something I wanted to avoid).PlotA portal from another dimension opens on the Pacific Ri...

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One Of 2013's Best Movie 0

Pacific Rim was easily one of the Movies i was most looking forward to, but i did have mixed feelings about it before seeing, despite the trailers looking really promising, it wouldn't have been the first time i'd have been tricked by pretty visuals from advertising. Immortals, Michel Bays transformers( terrible , simply terrible) and Wrath of the titans would be one of the many examples of this. Anyways, I knew Del Toro was directing Pacific Rim so i was still greatly looking forward to it, con...

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It is what it is 2

This movie lacked a serious storyline. The character development was pretty weak, and because of this I had a hard time caring if the humans won or not. It's obvious that the focus was really placed on the action and effects aspect of the movie. I get that that's what they were aiming for, but it was still disappointing. I don't think you need to sacrifice story for action. You can have both, but unfortunately this film does not. It's not as bad as other monster flicks, but once you see it, you...

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