ozymandias's tiger

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in the film, what was the deal with ozymandias's tiger? it was like purple and had long long ears.. i just didnt understand it. any answers ?

#2 Posted by Marshall Madness (265 posts) - - Show Bio

Yeah. My wife was like WTF?? In the comic, Bubastis was Ozy's genetically altered feline friend. It explained it a bit better and he was with him most of the time. His sacrificial death was therefore more meaningful. Whereas he just sort of appeared outta nowhere in the film, with only a brief mention of Adrian's company doing genetic research. I felt they should have either explained it better, just made him a regular tiger or taken him out altogether.

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Bubastis is a genetically altered lynx. He was Ozymandias's companion, and one of the first successes he had with genetic engineering. I'd say more, but you apparently haven't read the book. I recommend you do so, even though it will be cheapened by the movie.

#4 Posted by beastmanX (374 posts) - - Show Bio

yeah im getting the book tommorow so i can read up on it.

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Bubastis rocks! but he died :.(.......

#6 Posted by reaper2923 (2863 posts) - - Show Bio
@MadHatter2 said:
"Bubastis rocks! but he died :.(....... "
Bubastis is a she
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@reaper2923 said:
"@MadHatter2 said:
"Bubastis rocks! but he died :.(....... "
Bubastis is a she "
Thank you for mentioning that.
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 Bubastis Vs Zabu

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Zabu FTW. He's a sabre-tooth cat and Bubastis is just a genetically modifited lynx. I don't think she'd stand much of a chance against a massive prehistoric cat that has to live in the Savage Lands.

#10 Posted by Silver Knight75 (1250 posts) - - Show Bio

what color is Bubastis? I think they changed her coat color in the film.

#11 Posted by MrMiracle77 (1673 posts) - - Show Bio

Bubastis primarily served to show that Veidt was completely devoid of any sort of attachment.  He was more than happy of disintegrate the cat along with Manhattan.

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I'm glad they included the lynx in the book. But the appearance of it made much more sense with the original ending of the story and not the one they did in the movie.

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