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Transformed by “Terrigen Mist” this race of super powered humans live in isolation and do not trust other humans

The Inhumans are a races of beings that split from humans 25, 000 years ago after an alien race called the Kree used primitive man for their own experiments hoping to create a super powered army for themselves. When the Kree left the Inhumans were left on Earth.

Ozel first appeared in "Marvel Fanfare" vol. 1 #14 (May, 1984). She is an Inhuman commoner with a dislike for the "royal snobs". She was however attracted to the moody Quicksilver who stood apart from the other royals. She attempted to seduce him, only to have him profess his loyalty to Crystal. Once the royal sceptre was stolen, Quicksilver became a main suspect. Ozel considered that discovering the whereabouts of the sceptre was one way to earn some money. She lured her former love interest into a trap and had various unnamed Inhumans attempt to capture him. Quicksilver escaped and later captured the real thief, Aireo. Her subsequent activities are unknown.

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