does oya mean anything?

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I know it means 'handful' in swahili but I'm not sure if thats it

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It's also another way of saying "chop chop!" or "hurry up!" in Nigerian households(mainly used in Nigeria in that sort of context, anyways).

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It has many meaning in Swahili it means "handful", in Turkish (its a girl name), "Oya" means "lace", "Irish lace", and/or "lagestromia indica," in Japanese "Oya" means parent(s), and lastly in Yoruba "Oya" it literally means "She Tore".

I think that the Yoruba meaning more connected to Idie as Oya is the name of the Yoruba Undergoddess of the Niger River and Idie herself is Nigerian (from Nigeria) Oya is seen as the warrior spirit of wind, lighting, fertility, fire, and magic - she also creates hurricane, tornadoes and guards the way into the underworld. Oya like other mutants who have taken the names of a goddess or god (ie. Indra) are some times seen seem to take on figures of those gods such as Idie’s figures - Oya was said to have face of great expression with big and open eyes. Also, Oya is the spirit of change, transition and chaos which can be seen in her how she views her powers and how in the future is seems to be more a calm with herself and her being a mutant - possibly even becoming the leader of the X-Men. Also I think that the codename connects to Idie faith more than anything as she Catholic and Oya (also known as Our Lady Of Candelaria) in the Catholic faith is a patron saint (of the Canary Island and St. Theresa). The Virgin of Candelaria is also depicted as a Black Madonna and has attributes are dark skin; baby in her right hand and a candle in her left hand and is saint gives rebirth and heals through the coldness of fire.

Idie is literally Oya - is she torn between two elements (water/ice and fire) while also being torn between her Catholic faith and her own genetics as a mutant.

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OK, Yoruba comic fan here....a few corrections.

1. "Oya" is a Yoruba goddess, but Idie is not Yoruba. This has been addressed in the comics already, in any case. For the record she is Igbo (although she has an Edo first name, We'll ignore that because there are a LOT of intermarriages between the Edo and the Igbo, and she may just prefer the name her mother gave her. However, if Marvel ever chooses to expand on her backstory it would be silly to give her mum an Igbo name or her dad an Edo name.....sigh, culture can be such a pain....)

2. In Yoruba, the letter "O" represents two distinct sounds, which have different meanings. One is pronounced "Oh" while the other is pronounced "Aw".

If you say "Oh-Ya", that translates to "It is time", which is why you may hear Yorubas (Actually, most Nigerians, since the term has spread to most parts of the country as a sort of slang) saying "oya, oya, oya!!!!" when trying to get people to hurry up. The word "Ya" is a verb that means something along the lines of "expire". A more direct translation of "Oh-Ya" is "It Expires (time)!!!". You may also hear "oh ti ya" (It HAS expired), which is said when "time has passed"

If you say "Oh-Ya-a", THAT translates to "He/She/It tore". The verb "Ya-a" with a dipthong is different from "expire" and means "to tear". This is the furthest thing from the pronounciation of Oya's name, as it would be spelt "Oyaa" with accents over the two letters. Yoruba is a tonal language, and the tone of a sound completely changes its meaning. For example, the word "oko" can mean forest or penis, depending on the tonal accents used, and failure to understand this can cause an innocent statement to be interpreted as a deadly insult. "Oyaa" has a double accent, and is usually spoken in a forceful manner (to emphasize the tearing)

3. The goddess Oya has the second form of "O" as the first sound, which is pronounced "Aw-Ya". There is NO translation or breakdown of this- as a name it is axiomatic. Oya is a river goddess, and like many orishas, she has dominion over more than just goddesses.... she has a pretty complex history with the Yoruba Iron and thunder gods that determine what her powers are. Gillen and Fraction are more or less correct about her- more or less, but good enough!

Finally, we shouldn't pronounce Idie's name "Eye-dee". It is pronounced "Id-Dyay". Just thought to throw that out there!

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