kfhrfdu_89_76k's Owly: The Way Home & The Bittersweet Summer #1 - The way home & Bittersweet summer review

So cute!

I should always have an prologue in my reviews. Too bad I don`t have anything smart to write to those.

What I like.

The stories fit perfectly for kids. And adults. They should. After all, if you`re gonna get your kid a childrens book, you should also like to read it,since you`re the one who`s gonna read the story to the little critter. Over and over again...

The art...You should buy the book simply because of the art. And because it`s full o` cute things.

It`s black and white.

I like silent comics. I practically LOVE them. Silent ones feel more unique, than the ones with word dialogue (but if there`s only a couple of words in it, it`s fine). They`re more quicker to read, too.

157 pages of comics for ten bucks.

There`s moments of sadness, which makes it an interesting kids comic. I mean, alot of adults think that children don`t wanna read sad stories. Seriously, they can take it! But if they can`t, they don`t have to read them.

What`s OK.

The stories are standard kids comics. They have lessons like, be kind, life is difficult, good things happen if you`re not mean etc etc.

It`s a pocketbook.

Sometimes there`s only one standard sized panel on a page. It`s a nice effect, but also wastes paper. Which I don´t like.

To conclude.

Buy it and/or read it.

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