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If you are looking for the DC Batman villain : Owlman


By his will, the training, and the financial means which he has, he crossed the world to meet masters of the various disciplines of fight and self-defence, to become himself an expert in martial arts and in techniques of fight.

It is moreover considered for mastering 227 different disciplines going of the boxing to the karate, by way of the judo, the aikido, the ju-jitsu, the ninjutsu, the capoeira, the yaw-yan and the kung fu, what makes of him one of the biggest fighters of the World. As for the physical exploit, Arnold is an accomplished acrobat, a tremendous artist of the escape, the discretion and the infiltration. He did not leave in rest the intellect and the house in the forefront of the technological, scientific knowledge and criminalistiques. Furthermore he has to envy nothing to the best policemen having developed the faculties of judgment, analysis and outstanding reaction.

At the age of eight, the young person Arnold brings in with his big parents of the cinema, where they were to see "Fantômas". We are April 24th, 1947 towards midnight, when the grandparents of the young person Arnold Drake learn that their sons and beautiful girl have just died in the crash of the Zeppelin New York-Paris. Prostré and orphan, Arnold is taken in by doctor Daniel Lewis who thus prevents the social services from placing him in a host family and brings him a comfort and a lost love. Devoted butler of the family, Hans Azema, will take care of his young person "master" as a father in spite of all the consideration which his principles oblige him to demonstrate and will assist the uncle of Arnold, Jonathan Drake indicated as legal guardian.

To them three he allow the boy not to sink and to cross his young years to increase, without removing the passion which devours him. In the adolescence, Arnold decides to begin a journey outside Arrou city and outside France to acquire the necessary skills to bring to a successful conclusion the mission that he gave himself. He had hard worked to increase his intellectual capacities and he had decided to have his immense fortune to learn all that he could worldwide to be the most powerful possible physically. Among the experts whom he met, master Koraghan's influences in Japan and of the famous French mercenary Gustave Debard are founding. Furthermore he makes his first weapons in the paratrooper commando squads during 10 years.

When he estimated to be ready for his crusade, returned more ripe to Arrou city decade later at the age of 28.

He conceived then a red and grey suit with a cape just like a night-prince to personify this image of terror, and began his first night-exits with the aim of restoring the order. The result was not waited and all the criminals of city Arrou made cross the word that a horrible creature roamed night on the city, a man Owl: Owl man was born! Roaming on the roofs of his city, watching the slightest activity, the solitary upholder of the law swore that ever an innocent would not have to undergo the suffering. In diligent avenger, he terrorized the criminal community which was more still afraid of him than the death. In its fight against the corruption, forsaken, Owl man soon found the other persons who shared this passion for the justice. Among them, lieutenant Krotin De horse, one of the legion of honor and medal of the biggest policeman of France, so as long is that they were many...

Their friendship deepens in time, and now, in the function of police captain, it was frequent that Krotin uses the Owl-signal to call upon the Owl of the Darkness when the policemen were confronted with a too important affair.

Current Events

Owlman and Condorman seldom appear in comics.

Powers and Abilities

Hand-to-Hand Combatant - Owlman is extremely skilled in hand-to-hand combat thanks to his years of training. He knows kung fu, ninjutsu, ju-jitsu, yaw-yan, and even boxing.

Acrobatic - Owlman is also an acrobatic, and is a skilled escape artist.


Owlman & Condorman

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